Personalized Bridal Consultations

Detail of bridal dress from back
Detail of bridal dress from back

John Emily Studio provides Master Level Alterations that include:

Sizing, Hemming and Bustles in a nutshell but there are many alterations that go into these 3 main categories 😉 John Emily Fitting Consultants will focus on the structure of the dress, offer support bodice options, and measure hem and bustles to allow easy movement according to your Wedding Venue & Timeline.

Some things to expect after you book your first fitting consultation:

Our goal is to offer one-on-one detailed bridal consultation to accomplish a desired fit, look and comfort for your big day! Suggestions and recommendations offered by our fitting experts go hand-in-hand with the integrity of our workmanship.

John Emily Studio works closely with customers but we also have a close relationship with the designer brands that we alter. Designers put together beautiful gowns and add specific details that are not just for looks but also for function 🙂

Now that you know what we DO offer please keep in mind some services we DON’T provide listed below:

  • Custom Work or re-designing services
  • Sizing up or down more than 5 inches
  • Changing original design of the gown
  • Alterations with extreme changes in sizing between appointments
  • Used Gowns or Gowns that are not Dry Cleaned
  • Steaming / Press Services

Lastly, we have a system in place for turn around times that allows the bride to have a smooth alterations process 😉

First Fitting: Beginning SPRING 2019, 8 to 12 Weeks is required before Wear Date, this date could be your Bridal Portraits or Wedding Date.

Second Fitting: scheduled within a time frame that allows John Emily Studio to schedule an additional follow up fitting only if needed. Saturdays are reserved for 1st Fittings, please make arrangements for your 2nd fitting appointment during the week.

The very last part of the process to have your wedding gown ready is to steam/press, this requires at least a week for drop off and pick up with most companies. We have partnered with Cunningham Dry Cleaners to take care of this service. Please ask for a discounted pricing card at your last fitting 🙂


“We like to go into detail at every consultation and this when we decide if John Emily Studio is a good fit for the customer, in the end it’s your special day and we want to offer all our customers a great experience! Scheduling your first fitting does not guarantee alterations, please come in for a quick 10-15 min. consultation if you have any additional questions we didn’t cover above.”