Our company has a trained team of professionals who have been able to adapt to the changes this pandemic and lock down has caused, we want to let you know that we are here for you.

New John Emily Brides

The studio will continue to provide a top level experience during a special time in your life, we implemented some small adjustments for the health & safety of our staff & customers.

Follow information below on Studio Changes & Updates

Q. What is going to change now that studio will be open again?

Appointment are reserved for Bride & ONE GUEST ONLY Keep in mind this is for your protection, we want you to be as safe and enjoy the fitting experience. No exceptions.

Q. What new implementations can brides expect moving forward?

  • John Emily Staff WILL be Wearing MASKS and we will require that BRIDES wear MASKS during the fitting. If you do not have masks, we will provide them for you. This will remain in effect until further notice.
  • Sanitation Stations Set-Up Please arrive at your appointment time not earlier to reduce number of people in the studio and allow us to sanitize between fittings.
  • Zoom and FaceTime will be a way to share your fitting experience with loved ones. (Try to set up a time to make sure your guests are available)

Q.What new opportunities/services can brides expect moving forward?

A.We are excited to share the news! John Emily Studio is offering even more services to brides. In the next few weeks we are launching…

“GOWN CARE by John Emily” Your one stop shop for Steam/Press to get the gown ready for the big day! This will prevent you from going to other business and limit the amount of places that you visit with you gown! Also, after your wedding we will be offering Dry Cleaning/Preservation Service to keepsake your gown preven

Returning John Emily Brides

Below are some scenarios that may answer your questions, we know many wedding plans are uncertain at the moment…


NEW UPDATE Due to the nature of our craftsmanship, the studio is no longer doing Wedding Gown Pick-Ups. A fitting in person must be scheduled to release gown to Bride Only. Appointment must be within a time frame of no longer than 4 months after 1st Fitting.


(A) Wedding Date has Changed

Follow-up Appointments: We have been getting many calls about Weddings being postponed to a later date this year or next year.


In this case your follow up appointment will be re-scheduled within a reasonable amount of time in 2020. The studio will continue with normal alteration process.

(C) Studio Storage

Wedding Gowns are allowed to be stored in the studio for no longer than 4 months. We DO NOT offer free storage. If your gown is still in our studio after 4 months from the 1st fitting, it will accrue a $25 STORAGE FEE PER DAY.

(B)Alterations Process is Completed & Your Wedding is months away.

Before Covid-19 the studio already had a system in place in this scenario. If your wedding is still months away, we highly recommend that you try your GOWN on AT HOME 4-5 weeks before your WEDDING and call the STUDIO if Additional Adjustments are needed. We will pull your file and depending on how many fittings you have had there could be extra charges for this. Keep in mind Initial QUOTED PRICE includes 3 fittings 😉

(D)Steam & Press Services

John Emily Studio is now Offering Gown Care Services. Location is 2205 Park Road, right next to our Alterations Studio! We will be able to schedule your drop offs and pick ups at a time that’s convenient for you and guide you to the process of dry cleaning/preservation.